There was a site where you could find interesting emoji “Emojinu”


Hi, this is Matchan.

When writing text with messenger or Twitter, we often use emoji to improve the expressiveness of the text.

You can search for emoji using a smartphone keyboard, but there are many types of emoji, and it is difficult to search.

Besides, I thought that the default keyboard of the smartphone is a little difficult to use.

At that time, I use Emojinu, which is useful for finding interesting emoji.

I found an interesting emoji!


A free site that I use when I want to search for interesting emojis.

I feel like most of the available emojis are posted.

A lot of emojis are displayed suddenly from the top page, and if you scroll appropriately, you can find a nice emoji.

Using Emojinu was very easy.

Just open the site, find the emoji you care about, and tap it.

All you have to do is open the line or Twitter and paste.

Isn’t a keyboard hard to use?


Use the keyboard to enter messages on both iPhone and Android.

Of course, it comes with a keyboard by default, but I think this is a little tricky to use.

There are keyboard changing apps such as simeji, but on the other hand, some people may find it uncomfortable because they have too many functions, or that the keyboard itself may change.

Originally, the keyboard is displayed only in the lower half of the screen, so it is a little inconvenient when you want to search for interesting things from various kinds like emoji.

However, the normal keyboard is convenient because the emoji that you have entered in the past is displayed in the history field, so you will always use the same emoji unknowingly.

Since I want to make expressive sentences using emoji, I sometimes want to use more interesting emoji.

A free site called Emojinu that I found at such a time

I was surprised that there were so many different types of emoji, and I found an interesting emoji just by looking at them a bit, so I would love to send someone an email with the emoji.

Emojinu is a funny pictogram site


“You often use this emoji.”

“Who uses these emojis?”

When I look at Emojinu, I get the impression like this.

You can see all the emojis posted, and you can also see the emojis that are popular in the world.

Of course, it’s easy to find emoji that you have selected in the past, and you can copy them with one tap.

It’s also useful for people who usually use only emoticons or who like changing fonts.

It is good to improve the expressiveness of characters with emoticons and fonts, and one of the variations seems to be the use of emoji.

Emoticons that represent myself today are interesting


The mysterious function of today’s emoji in Emojinu

What would you describe yourself today with pictograms? It seems to be a function like a fortune telling.

To be honest, I don’t know much about it, but since only one emoji is displayed every day, I sometimes encounter funny emojis that I have never used before.

I could copy it as it was, save the image, and tweet it.

It’s good to copy it to kill time and send it to LINE with your friends, or it might be fun to tweet it without meaning.

It seems that you can only do it once a day, and another emoji will be displayed when the date changes.

Since the appearance of pictograms differs depending on the terminal, it seems that the pictograms shown in the image and the pictograms shown in the lower left may differ slightly.

Emoji culture that is popular worldwide

Emojis are popular in the world and are called emoji.

Although emoticons and fonts may be viewed differently depending on the region and culture, emoji (emoji) can be interpreted in the same way almost anywhere in the world.

Food is food as it is, and if you look at the emoticons of people’s expressions, you should be able to interpret the same in almost every country in the world.

If you have a chance to email with a foreign friend, you may be willing to try emoji.

Precautions when using emoji!

The pictograms may be displayed differently depending on the terminal and OS you are using, so maybe some pictograms may not be displayed.

If you send a message with emoji to your friends, the nuances may change slightly.

Introduced site

Copy emoji with one tap “Emojinu”